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Medical Gas Pipe Line System

The Oxygen Equipment & Engineering, Medical Gas Pipe Line System

Meeting today's Medical Gas requirements of hospitals requires a comprehensive understanding of the latest life support technology and gas distribution...

Centralized Medical Gas System

Design, supply & installation of Medical Gas distribution systems for hospitals

Manifold System

Oxygen, Nitrous oxide, Medical Air, Surgical Air, carbon di oxide, can be supplied from high pressure gas cylinders or storage tanks. In large installations Medical Oxygen and Nitrogen can also be generated on-site. Aspects such as safety, statutory regulations and noise pollution are to be considered and adequately provided for.

Medical Air system

Medical Air is generated on-site using special Air Compressors. The total system consists of Air Receivers, Air Driers and Filters and suitable controls and monitoring instruments to ensure that adequate pressure and medical air quality is always maintained in the Compressed Air pipeline system.

Medical Vacuum System

Medical Vacuum is created using high efficiency vacuum plants which are installed on-site. Suitable alarms and control instrumentation are provided to ensure continuous vacuum availability. Designing the pipeline system to ensure proper suction conditions at the usage point is critical for the efficient operation of the system

Medical Gas Outlet & Accessories

Selection of the Medical Gas pipeline outlets at the point of usage taking into consideration design, cost, availability etc., is done by detailed discussion with the hospital authorities. OXEECO provides a variety of options for Gas outlets.

Bed Head Units & Pendants

OXEECO Wall Bed Head Panels combine utility and economy in providing a pre-wired and pre-piped trucking system, designed to eliminate expensive on-site work for providing gas, electrical & instrument utilities on a single unit. Ensures engineering safety by isolating electrical conduits, instrumentation lines and pipe work. Combining aesthetics with engineering design OXEECO Pendants are the result of constant research & product up-gradation. Smart Design - Perfect design optimized for laminar air flow environments • Smart Modularity - One light head version offering you full functionality.

Liquid cylinders

Liquid cylinders are portable, vacuum insulated containers that provide a convenient and economical means for transporting storing and dispensing of liquidefied gases such as Oxygen , Nitrogen , Argon , Nitrous Oxide and Carbon di Oxide. Liquid cylinders are available in capacities up from 165 to 240 Ltrs and operate at different pressures.

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